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To keep your windshield clear in rainy weather, National Cycle developed RainZip, a specially formulated rain repellent treatment. It is safe to use on your National Cycle Quantum hard coated windshields like the V-Stream, Wave, Switchblade or Heavy Duty. And, it's safe to use on ANY motorcycle windshield, plus helmet face shields and goggles. RainZip is hydrophobic, so when rain accumulates on your windshield, RainZip will cause it to effectively bead up and blow away, even at riding speeds of only 20-30MPH (30-40 km/h). RainZip will give you a clearer view of the road ahead... especially when it's wet! Comes in a 3-oz. (90 cc) bottle with application cloth, which is enough to keep your windshield rain-free for a long time.


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RainZip with application cloth

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